Hello A/all,

i am humble slave to Mistress TK and i m here to write a FemDom stories for HER amusement. They are fantasy stories but as Mistress TK said, this stories will become very important to me since i ll be punished for every single word SHE don t like. i need to be creative as well because Mistress TK wants to have fun reading about my humiliation under HER. If Y/you prefer, it s my self-humiliation for HER pleasure. 

In following story i ll tell Y/you little bit about my every day life and how it all started:

Its already six months since i become full time slave to Mistress TK. It means 24 hours, seven days a week. Before that i was “on trial” like She says. It means for one year i was coming each weekend to worship Her and to clean Her house. Mistress TK obviously found i have some potential to become HER slave and SHE gives me opportunity to become HER full time slave. But it wasn’t so easy.

Opportunity means She puts me on test.  When i finished that weekend with cleaning it was late Sunday evening. i was very tired but also proud about good job i have done that weekend. Mistress TK will be satisfied. i crawl inside room and found HER in front of computer.

“Dear Mistress, Your humble slave ask permission to speak”

Mistress TK ignored me about minute or two but to me it looks much longer. 

“What do you want?” -She says without looking at me.

“i finished everything Mistress and i wanted to thank You for allowing me to clean Your house”

“Ok, you can thank ME. Here kiss MY feet”

 I kissed HER feet and thanks HER.

“I will check what you did later, better for you it s good job. Now, open your mouth!” -She ordered.

“And take this envelope. you have some instructions inside and homework to do. you can leave now”

i was very curious what’s inside. This happened first time since i serve Mistress TK. Normally first thing i did when i came home was to see what s inside. It was a letter from Mistress TK saying that from next week i can start working as HER full time slave but under certain conditions. 

One of them was that i need to quit my job.

“Until Friday afternoon i want you to quite your job. But don t even think you will leave here for free. you will rent your house and you will work for ME. As you know in two months i will open exclusive FEMDOM shop. I need someone to work there and it looks you desperately need a job for food. This time I will show some mercy and I will allow you to work for ME. you need also to pay me for MY time that I am wasting on your training and money for gifts i expect you to buy for ME. I will see about but you are already in dept.”

Of course some rules were written too:

“From  this moment you are MY property and you will do as I say, when I say and how I say. you will refer me as Mistress TK and you will be on your knees when I am near.  your only purpose is to make MY life easier and more luxurious. Keep that on mind because punishments will be very sadistic and cruel.”

i know it can sound crazy for some people but it was exactly what i have done until Friday. i quite my job and Mistress TK mouved Her two lesbian friends into my house. They wants to start leaving together and they were limit with money. But Mistress TK wants to help them so She gave them my house for very law rent.

Of course they accept to take house. First it was cheap, for long period, and Mistress TK give them “special promotion”:

” Listen MY dear” says MistressTK to one of them and then pointed with Her finger on me “This peace of shit own me money for living under my roof. Ammount i received from Your rent is not nearly half what he supose to give to ME. What about food, what about presents I buy for ME on his bill???

“Oh, that sound bad. What You gonna do with him? -the other girl says.

“he will need to work hard to pay ME back, that s what I m gonna do. So listen girls how about this deal:

Put 100$ more and You can use him 40 hours per month as You like.” offer Mistress TK

-“What do You mean to “use” him 40 hours?”

-” I mean 40 hours per month he will be slave to two of You. It s Your choice what way You will use him.”-Mistress TK’s says.

_” Hm… slaveboy. Not bad idea. but 100 bucks??? What do You think Melissa??? Should we take offer???

-he must be very skilled for that price- says Melissa to Mistress TK – what is he good for???”

-“he is well trained for house maid. he is fast and he have experience. Believe me darling, You will be satisfied or he will have to deal with MY riding crop.”

-“Does he know to give massage ?” – Melissa asked.

-“Yes Melissa and i specialy recomend You his two hours long foot massage and after that pedicure. Last year i let him finish school for pedicure and massage”

-Mmmmmmmmmm foot massage. Imagine Nicole,-says Melissa to other girl- foot massage after long day at work. Let s take him. Let s have slave Nicole.”

“I don t know Melissa. It could be fun I guess. Can We re-rent him to other people???”

“Of course. It s Yours property for 40 hours. Do whatever You want with him. I don t care at all except for my 100$”

“All right we will take him for a trial”

“Listen you peace of shit, you v got a job. Go kiss shoes of your new bosses and thanks them for job.”

I drop on my knees and crawl to kiss Melissa’s and Nicole’s shoes.

“Thank You for giving me a job Madame Melissa. i promise i will serve You best i can”

“Thank You for giving me a job Madame Nicole. i promise i will serve You best i can.”

“oh you will, be sure you will” Madame Nicole says while Madame Melissa and Mistress TK were laughing on me.

“So girls, next 3 days You two are my guest and he will mouve Your things ,clean entire house and prepare everything to be ready when two of You come. This is my gift to You two.”- says Mistress TK.


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